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History of Jack B. Kelley, Inc.

Since we first began as a one-man, one-truck operation Jack B. Kelley, Inc. (JBK) has dramatically grown for good reasons. Our company is the embodiment of the American free enterprise system. In 1946, an entrepreneur with a vision, Jack B. Kelley, started the company on a "shoestring". His original investment was $500.00, which he received as his terminal leave pay from the Navy. After securing a government contract to purchase helium in 1946, Jack began his business by selling to a welding research firm, a toy balloon manufacturer in New York City and the carnival and circus troupes as they passed through Amarillo. As the space program began to boom in the late 1950's, Jack recognized the need for the commercial transportation of helium. Using his own design, Jack built the first jumbo helium tube trailer, and in doing so he revolutionized the industry. The 1960's brought about the expansion of the industrial gas industry and the commercial transportation of cryogenic liquids. Jack B. Kelley was accustomed to being the vanguard, so he purchased six cryogenic trailers and became the first common carrier truck line to enter this field. Although those first trailers sat on his Amarillo yard for over a year, Jack B. Kelley, Inc. has become the dominant carrier in this field.

Jack could be called a "Creative Implementer". He could take grand vision, apply common sense and turn it into practical realities. He was able to respond quickly to a changing world. When the demands of the market place changed - and change they did - he was able to re-group, adapt and move forward. His philosophy was: "You must have your oar in the water now - and be able to move aggressively at every opportunity." Jack kept his eye on the big four: the backbone of every successful company - time, cost, capital and quality.

Jack's untimely death in 1980 left a great void in an industry accustomed to his leadership. His son Ken, daughter Sharon and wife Hazel have continued to expand the Kelley companies using the same innovative service-oriented business practices established by Jack B. Kelley.

The success and growth of Jack B. Kelley, Inc. and its related companies have been due to hard work, enthusiasm, and foresight. The common touch of a family owned business was never lost. This is all reflected in the companies' solid place in their markets, their capabilities for innovation and the loyalty of their people. The Kelley Companies have a proven performance of quality work, consistent growth and a secure financial stability.

They will continue to prosper by nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit of their beginnings. That spirit, combined with a unique blend of commitment to long-term success and an ability to deal decisively with challenges and opportunities as they arise, will guide them to success in the 21st Century.

With the strength and financial stability of a multi-million dollar world-wide transportation leader, JBK continues to flourish.

For Sales and/or Rates, contact Melissa Bradshaw at 1-800-CALL-JBK (225-5525).

Our Corporate office is located:
801 S. Fillmore Suite 505.
Amarillo, TX 79101.

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Jack B. Kelley, Inc is now a Highway Subsidiary of the Kenan Advantage Group.

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